My latest work is my humble contribution to the Requiem genre. The piece is structured into 2 parts of 5 movements each, connected by an organ-solo interlude. Coming from a non-christian, non-religious background, I could nonetheless relate to the sacred Catholic texts whilst working on the Requiem. I could see and admire its underlying truth, which is universal and thus common to all spiritual teachings. This, as well as many beautiful works existing in this genre, were my source of inspiration.

I am much thankful to the Hamburger Symphoniker for allowing me to present this Requiem. 

I wish to express my gratitude further to my friends Guy Braunstein and Omer Frenkel, who helped me to finalize the score, and to Rüdiger Kruse, for whose vision I owe this piece.

Ohad Ben-Ari

<<REQUIEM for mixed choir, organ & large chamber ensemble>>


15. Juni 2018

Hauptkirche St. Katharinen


Hamburger Symphoniker